Partner with Our Business IT Support Dayton Team

Elite Computers is the place to go for Business IT Support Dayton!

Partnering with us will allow you to have the top of the line IT support without the price of hiring your in-house team of IT experts

There are many services that Elite Computers offers including:

  • vCIO Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Computer Maintenance (and Patching)
  • Hardware as a Service
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • and Education.

We also offer Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions and Antivirus Solutions. 

Another great thing that we offer as part of our Business IT Support Dayton is our security camera systems.

We would do the installation and provide the support for all if you were security needs.

We know how important it is and how popular it is now for businesses to have security cameras to ensure that you understand what is going on inside and outside of your business.Top Business It Support Dayton

This will give you and your employees a piece of mind knowing that your place of business is protected and safe.

Having a security system is the easiest way to monitor your business and to cover yourself if anything goes wrong or if there is any type of vandalism.

But if you get one of our security systems, you will be able to view your cameras with your computers or cell phone.

We will ensure you can see what is going on at all times, and we will also have access to that if we need help.

We can custom fit your security needs to make sure that you get exactly what you were looking for.

Not only do we want to keep your place of business safe, but we want to ensure that all of your computers and information are safe.

One of the ways we keep your information in the computer safe is by giving you antivirus or anti-malware software.

I want to make sure that you are protected against any type of computer virus that might try to get into your system and steal your information.

You’ll be able to identify any type of attack at the earliest ages so that we can prevent anything bad from happening.

One thing we always recommend to people is not to wait until something happens to reach out to us.

We believe it’s always best to be proactive so that we can stop something from happening in the first place.

It’s going to take more time and money to go back and try to recover all these things after someone has hacked in they had to get our services now and be protected at all times.

We have it services that are going to be available to you 24/7, 365 day is a year.

Make sure that there is not a time when you are not protected and unable to get the help you need.

We’re always going to respond quickly to make sure that you feel safe in all of your business is secure.

Why People Choose Us Anytime They Need Business It Support Dayton.

Our company has been around for almost a decade, and we know that we can help you with whatever situation you are in.

Our goal is to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with all of your IT needs.

One of the values that we pride ourselves on is being reliable.

We never want to give you a time when we are not able to help you out, and you are in a time of need.

Our support will be available 24/7 every day of the year.

You’re always going to be watching in have our systems in place to make sure that you’re protected at all times.

This is why people choose us anytime they want Business IT Support Dayton.

Running a business can be a stressful time.

You are having to provide for multiple employees and make sure that you are making the most of every day.

business-it-support-dayton-CThis is why I’m going to make sure that we are proactive and make sure that all of the information in your systems are up-to-date and running smoothly.

We do not want any downtime in your business because we know that any downtime leads to a loss of profits.

You know how important it is to always be on top of things and be able to function at your highest level.

We do all the hard work that you put into your business, and we do not want you to be wasting time because of some IT issues.

We will always put our best into your systems to ensure that you can function at your highest capability.

When you work with us, you will know that you always have the most up-to-date software so that you will be safe at all times.

Sometimes your software will need to be updated because the people trying to get into your system are always trying to improve so that they can break through different types of software.

If you use us, know that we are always improving and making sure that we have the latest and most up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software available.

Just because we’ve been in business for almost ten years does not mean that we are finished with our homework.

We are always trying to learn and improve to make sure that you have the best IT support that you can get.

Our commitment to Improvement is why people always recommend us as the best place to go for Business IT Support Dayton.

A great thing about working with Ali computers is that our billing process is simple. You’re just going to play one simple monthly bill, and they’re not going to be any charges coming in each month.

We’re not going to try to add charges here and there for random things that we do. We’re going to give you one bill, so you know exactly how much money you are going to be spending each and every month.

We’ll make sure that you can set your budget for IT support in that is what it will stay at. We don’t keep adding things here and there so that your budget is different each and every single month.

So if you are looking for Business IT Support Dayton, Elite computers with love to help you out.  You can contact us at or 937-684-9819.